Keith Playle

I was a Tenant of Mr. Michael Oni (DemRup Associates) for three and a half years ending in November 2015. During this time I did not experience any problems with the Landlord, in fact, quite the opposite. I found Mr Oni to be helpful and considerate. On the rare occasion that any work needed doing to the premises, Mr Oni always made appointments prior to any visits and was appreciative of anything done to the property especially in respect of the garden. During my tenancy I developed an excellent relationship and now consider Mr Oni a friend as well as a very good landlord.

Chioma O.

I have used DEMRuP Associates for over 5 years and I am very satisfied with their service. As a landlord I can confidently leave the everyday running of my properties with DEMRuP knowing that everything will be taken care of. They are very efficient and competent. I have no complaints and I highly recommend this company.

Michael Siyanbola

"Our work with Michael ONI at DEMRUP was aimed at ceding complete management of our property including sourcing of tenants, receipt of rental income and payment of incidental charges. We were thrilled and highly impressed by the standard of service rendered in the last 6 years - our property is maintained in top condition, account is rendered in timely manner and they have succeeded in keeping us and the tenants happy. They have always been kind, polite, sincere, friendly, supportive and professional. Thanks for giving us a service that is beyond expectation! Michael SIYANBOLA."

Pastor John and Lola Oni

Michael (DEMRuP Associates) has been known to us for decades and has managed our property/investments for about 7 years. We have been delighted by his services. The most remarkable thing about Michael is that he carries out every task or assignment like it is his own. He puts in every effort to ensure favorable outcomes. We've had the pleasure of recommending two other families who have been equally delighted by Michael's services. We have 'rest of mind' letting Michael look after our investments, although we are thousands of miles away, we have no need to worry.